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Fans Sound Alarm! Loren Urged Towards Therapy, Not Surgery!

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik has been featuring her Mommy Makeover surgery on the new season of Happily Ever After. She gave birth to her three kids, Shai, Asher, and Ariel, after marrying the love of her life, Alexei Brovarnik. The TLC star worked really hard to get back to her pre-pregnancy figure after the birth of her daughter, Ariel.

Several fans also accused Loren of taking Ozempic for her massive transformation. However, she had been denying all the claims and hitting back at the trolls. Fans of the franchise are already aware of Loren’s Body Dysmorphia disorder. Recently, Loren shared details of her surgery with the fans in Season 8. However, fans were not impressed with the reality TV star’s decision and felt that she needed ‘help’ instead of surgery.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Want Loren To Seek ‘Therapy’ For Her Body Image Issues!

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik are among the fan-favorite couples of the franchise. Their love story became the most popular among the 90 Day Fiance fans. The TLC stars received so much love from the audience for their genuine and warm personalities. Loren has often opened up about a series of health issues in the past.

She had Tourette Syndrome and Body Dysmorphia that left a big impact on her mental health. Recently, the network aired a new episode of Season 8 to feature Loren’s emotional state before the surgery. In it, she broke into tears after sending her kids to school. Later, Alexei took his wife to the doctor, and she began crying again before heading to the OR.

Fans of the franchise are well aware that Loren has already undergone the surgery Off-camera. However, some of the viewers felt that Loren should be addressing her body image issues before going under the knife. Several fans rushed to X (previously Twitter) to share their concerns. One fan said, “Loren needs therapy, not surgery.”

The fan went ahead and expressed that the TLC star shouldn’t have risked her glow-up because of her transformation. Meanwhile, the others slammed her for getting the makeover despite the real complications, including death. Another fan added, “Loren your body image problem isn’t going to get fixed with plastics.” Further, the others noted that Brovarnik shouldn’t have risked her life over vanity.

90 Day Fiance: How Loren Brovarnik Looks After Surgery!

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik went through a 7-hour long surgery to repurpose her body parts. She had a 360 Lipo, fat transfer, and a tummy tuck to get her ideal figure. The TLC star has been so proud of herself since her surgery. She has been proudly flaunting her results with her fans over new social media posts. Loren informed her fans about the big decision on September 12, 2023. She posted a picture with her surgeon, Dr Dev Vibhakar, to reveal her Mommy Makeover.

The reality TV star faced a lot of trolling for calling it a natural makeover. But she was proud of taking the step to get rid of her Abdominal Diastasis issues. Loren has been showing off her fuller breasts and flat tummy since the surgery. She also fulfilled her dream of becoming a model and enjoying every bit of it.